PA with PA+ Drinking Water Germicidal Tablets

What is PA Plus?

PA Plus is an ascorbic acid tablet that removes, or “neutralizes”, the taste, odor and color of residual iodine remaining in your water after it’s been treated with Potable Aqua. Each PA+ tablet contains 45 milligrams of ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

What is residual iodine and where does it come from?

Chemical treatment of water, as opposed to physical (filtration) or ultraviolet treatment methods, relies on a small excess of disinfectant to ensure all germs are killed in the specified wait time. In other words, not all of the iodine released by Potable Aqua tablets is used up when killing the germs in your water, a trace amount of “residual iodine” disinfectant will remain. This little bit of disinfectant provides extended protection to stored water and helps prevent the formation of biogrowth or slime in your water container.

How does PA Plus work?

Ascorbic acid acts as a reducing agent, converting residual iodine into a form which has little or no germicidal properties and lacks the characteristic iodine taste, odor and color.

How many PA+ tablets are needed to remove iodine taste and odor from1 quart (1 liter) of water treated with Potable Aqua?

Two (2) PA+ tablets will fully neutralize the residual iodine remaining after treatment with two tablets of Potable Aqua.

How quickly does PA Plus neutralize the iodine taste and odor?

PA Plus tablets disintegrate rapidly and remove the iodine taste and odor within three (3) minutes.

Do I have to use PA+ Tablets when treating my water with Potable Aqua?

No, PA+ tablets are completely optional.  After your water has been properly treated with Potable Aqua, it is bacteriologically suitable for drinking and the residual iodine will help protect your water container from biogrowth during storage.  However, if extended protection is not needed, PA+ Tablets are a fast and easy way to improve the taste and odor of your treated water if desired.

Why can’t I add PA+ tablets to my water at the same time as the Potable Aqua tablets?

NEVER add PA+ tablets to your water at the same time as the Potable Aqua tablets – doing so would cause the iodine released by the Potable Aqua tablets to be converted to a form lacking germicidal properties and unable disinfect your water. After adding the Potable Aqua tablets to your water, you must wait a minimum of 30-minutes before adding PA+ tablets.

After adding the PA+ tablets, will my water still be protected by residual iodine?  

No, after adding PA Plus to your water it will no longer be protected by residual iodine. The PA+ tablets will convert residual iodine into a form that has no germicidal properties, so take care to prevent potential recontamination of your water. If you are storing water that has been treated with Potable Aqua® for later use, it is best to reserve using PA+ to neutralize the taste and odor until just before you drink it.

Can PA+ tablets be repackaged in a different container?

No, repackaging PA+ tablets is not recommended. To ensure optimal shelf life and effectiveness, storage in original container is recommended with cap tightly sealed.