NEW Potable Aqua® PURE™ Electrolytic Water Purifier

The NEW Potable Aqua PURE™ Electrolytic Water Purifier is the smallest and most cost effective water purification device on the market. Using a simple brine (salt + water) solution, the PA PURE® device produces a powerful mixed oxidant disinfectant capable of purifying even the dirtiest of water. Great for campers, hikers, militaries, emergency organizations and anyone needing drinkable water, Potable Aqua® PURE™ inactivates viruses,bacteria, Giardia and Cryptosporidium killing 99.9% of all organisms without the need to pre-filter or pump.

Perfect for:

uses: Camping, Hiking, International Travel, Hotels, Disaster Prep, RV, Cycling, Cruises, Bug-out Bag

With the Potable Aqua PURE™ Electrolytic Water Purifier, access to clean, drinkable water is always an option. The compact design and scalability makes it perfectly suited for a variety of recreational and commercial applications.

Available at: Bass Pro Shops, Pacific Flyway and REI. (updated quarterly)

The Potable Aqua PURE Advantage

The Potable Aqua PURE Advantage
*Volumes based on a standard single dose in alignment with EPA Guide Standard of Microbiological Water Purifiers. Treating for Cryptosporidium in cloudy or colored water requires more than the standard single dose.

The Science of Mixed Oxidants

Broad Spectrum Kill
Purification with mixed oxidants results in a broad spectrum kill of viruses, bacteria, and protoza - making water bacteriologically suitable to drink

More Potent
PA Pure™ produces a mixed oxidant solution of Chlorine and Peroxide for more potent disinfection

No Pre-Filtration Required
Unlike UV light, which requires pre-filtration to guarantee inactivation of all microbes in very cloudy water, PA Pure™ mixed oxidants can inactivate microorganisms in all types of water with no pre-filtration

Lasting Protection
Residual disinfect prevents biogrowth in stored water for long-term use

Comparison Chart

Comparison Chart

Performance Specs

Performance Specs